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Ts... Deana know the brain and the heart are to separate things... I hope that makes sense to you... you will always have a place in my heart ,...I wish you nothing but the best.... I'm so sorry it took me longer than it did you... but ,I'm moving on, I know you're glad to hear.... you know how I feel about this subject , and I know how you feel about it ,but if you ever need me, I will always be here for you ,and your kids your family I wish you nothing but the best..... goodbye....

If people looked at the stars...

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29 Ways to Stay Creative

That last one: finish something. Absolutely, doesn't matter what it is or how small it is, that feeling of knowing you've finished a project is great.

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Have You Felt Crazy?? Maybe it was “Gaslighting”

I always wonder if they are delusional enough to believe all the the crap they brainwash them into believing or if they know they are just playing sick mind games? Boarder again.

The people who come into our lives to show us there is more out there than what we even know is possible

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Top 20 Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Becoming an Entrepreneur is a Big Change. But I wanted a challenge. I became a Pampered Chef Director 2 years after starting my business.

Quote - its okay to walk out of someone's life if you don't feel you belong in it anymore

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13 Inspirational Quotes For When Everything Is Just The Worst

easy to say than done though. just like how can one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. but no doubt about it. don't let idiots ruin your day. just not worth spoiling your day.