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  • Joy T

    African American Civil War Soldiers- Happy Black History Month

  • Arnaud Dentant

    The civil war contributions of African American soldiers (often dispised even in Union ranks) were of a foremost importance during the last stage of the war. Lincoln called on blacks to help achieve their emancipation: "throw it [emancipation] away, and the union goes with it."

  • Alfreeda Appling

    African-American men and women who have served in our armed forces throughout American history. Many black soldiers, free and enslaved, served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. For their service, many were freed from slavery (about 20%) although many were not. American blacks also served during the War of 1812. They served in both all-black and integrated regiments. In the Civil War, black regiments fought for the Union Army and sustained massive casualties for their valiant fighting. Of the approximately 186,000 African-American soldiers (including 94,000 former slaves from Southern states), 38,000 died in battle. At the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm, “out of an initial force of 1,300 men, African Americans suffered 455 casualties.”* Most were inexperienced soldiers but they also felt pressure to prove themselves equal and fight for country and their race against slavery. Their bravery and fighting spirit was second to none as more than 20 were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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