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Hanging out at the rink.


Paper Doll Dresses

I always thought this phone was badass. I have this too

Baby Crissy - I have her ....sweet

Had them ... cool

Three flavors, two sticks, PURE sugar.


loved this doll . . .

Drive-ins with the tray on the window.

Brownies and Girl Scout pins...On my honor, I promise that I will do my best

Kissing Potion Lipgloss



Who remembers wearing Ditto jeans back in the 70s? Dittos were the must-have jeans of the 1970s and '80s. Ditto jeans came in a rainbow of colors and sported a signature U-turn saddle stitch down the backside. The tight fit, flared leg and flattering "rear view" inspired a cult following that's lasted over 30 years. "Dittos...The Living End" ad circa 1970s.

Candies shoes, very trendy shoe in the late 70's.....

Drive in movie speaker

Tumbleweed/ bumble-bramble :)

The only thing my mom would let us use!

Scrunch Socks!

1970s Instant Nestea


So you could bring your records to your friend's house!