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    Great way to teach nouns- each student gets a popsicle stick with a sentence on it and they have to identify the noun. Chart all of the nouns under the different categories & from there identify all of the proper nouns.

    Noun PoemNoun Sort Activities:---Nouns vs. Not Nouns---Proper Nouns vs. Common Nouns---Person vs. Place vs. Thing---Singural vs. Plural N...

    could easily adjust for plural nouns-color based on how to spell plural, or common vs proper noun

    Nouns All Around---- Free posters and sorts to use to teach nouns #TpT

    This is an activity I could include when teaching my students acout nouns. This would be a great way to make sure that students can identify the difference between a person, place or thing.

    This unit is full of activities on Nouns! Students will learn what a noun is and how to use it in a sentence. This can be great center activities o...

    noun scavenger hunt - kids liked doing this...we changed the person column to person or animal so we could put in dogs and cats - we decided they were NOT things!! :)

    I wrote 20 sentences on Popsicle sticks (one for each student) that contained different types of nouns (person, place, thing, common, proper, and even pronouns).  I had each student read their sentence aloud to the class, and we all searched for the nouns to chart!