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    Mangrove Pit Viper aka The ill tempered viper. (Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus).

    ˚Green Mambas

    Cryptelytrops venustus - Beautiful pitviper by Michael Kern, via 500px

    Hatching #snakes. #eggs

    Blue Malayan Coral Snake--venomous Google Image Result for calphotos.berkele...

    Blue Coral Snake

    reptiles nice color bright and vibrant

    Young albino white lipped viper.

    Yellow Bellied Sea Snake ;)

    Diadophis punctatus: Ringneck Snake

    Eyelash-palm Pit-viper

    An Emerald Tree Python, and probably some trees to put it in.

    Green Tree Python

    Collett's Snake (Pseudechis colletti)

    red snake

    Turquoise snake

    Reptielen zijn Koel!

    “ 'Grüne Baumpython - Morelia viridis' by StefanKoeder”

    Corallus caninus

    Blue tree Boa. Not Poisonous.


    Jaguar Coastal Carpet Python

    ”Ella Diablo“ - Green Tree Python Morph