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Dottie Kamenshek was called the best player in women's baseball and was once recruited to play for a men's professional team. (National Baseball Hall Of Fame Library

International Left-Handed Day... Sad. I missed it!! Lol

left handed happiness

My Left Hand by craftydr, via Flickr

Those Poor Left-Handed People!

Left handed

Left-Handedness Is Also Known As "Sinistrality" Because Left-Handed People Were Once Thought To Be Demons ► Leonardo da Vinci was left handed.

Left Hand Bear - Oglala / Sioux (Lakota)

Left Handers Day graphics to share and posters to download

Letter formation guide for left handed children. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources SOS Inc. Resources.

It's a left-handed thing... You wouldn't understand

Keep Calm & Love A Left-Hander I like this one (I'm left handed)

Facts about left-handedness that everyone THINKS they know and the ones they don't.

Pete Lembo, he's a lefty -- Chirp! Chirp!



Lefties Paradise

the reason left-handed people type faster

Left-Handed Problems

'Go Left' Sign

Here’s some fun facts about being a southpaw!

Left Handed People: Ben Stiller