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    Just Little Things

    most important thing!

    Good times...

    one of the reasons why I love florida & our beaches <3 its been too hott lately we've barely had a winter -__-

    It's the little things

    Little Things.

    I love when that someone remembers the little things I like...makes me smile...

    laughing tears are the best!

    ....the little things

    Just Little Things

    Just little things.

    Always reminds me of my dad when I was a little girl. He was mowing the lawn, and he picked up our swing set with one hand and I thought he was the strongest man in the world. I felt safe and happy in that moment, and since then, freshly cut grass always brings me back to that moment. I love my dad!!

    Just Little Things

    It's just the little things....

    listening to that right night & it makes my heart happy :)

    Great feeling!!!