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Marauders Map Iphone Case by Rachel Miller. i would buy an iphone just to get this.

Wedding inspired by Harry Potter

12 mejores cosas Inspirado en harry potter.

A Harry Potter themed wedding idea. Instead of place cards, have the guests pick up their wands. Attached is a note from the Sorting Hat that will sort them to their table. for Hannah

I see what you did there.  ;)  #HarryPotter

What you did there… I see it

I love puns almost as much as I love harry potter. Now I need to go but some gryffindor color paint for every door in my house :)

I should put this on my iPhone- I hit snooze like 4 times this morning...

Cause the bed is magically, the most comfortable place after the alarm rings /a little morning motivation

Um, awesome. I need this!!

mean girls/harry potter mashup tee. not gonna make it b/c i cant wear at school but so funny!

someone actually made the weasly clock...epic win.

Funny pictures about A real-life Weasley clock. Oh, and cool pics about A real-life Weasley clock. Also, A real-life Weasley clock.

MARAUDERS MAP Harry Potter Bedding Fleece Blanket Bed by ilovepop, $35.00, WHAT IS WITH THE SUDDEN FANDOM BLANKETS I NEED THEM

Maybe find a giant carpet? Harry Potter The Marauders Map on Fleece Blanket Bed Throw Brand New Gift

Harry Potter light switches

I don't care how old I get, I will always want a Harry Potter light switch. Those books made my childhood.