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  • Kristin Gigstad

    Smartphone Ultrasound Attachment. Ultrasound systems can be bulky and expensive. But a company by the name of Mobisante is looking to transform the industry with a new technology that turns a smartphone into a miniature ultrasound device

  • Mariela Nienow

    36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent - This personal ultrasound machine connects directly to your smartphone. #new phone #smart phone #best phone #phone review|

  • Chelsea

    woah...At home sonogram with a smart phone wow ... how amazing to be able to do your own ultrasound and see your little one !!! @Baby Stuff

  • Hailey Guenthner

    Smartphone Ultrasound Attachment. who knew? I dont really need this now but so cool for future baby!!!

  • Amaze7

    Mobisante's #ultrasound device works with a smart phone

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