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Voronoi diagram — #disqus_thread

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thanks everyone for following my gif blog

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nodes connected by black lines, could leave it is it is for simplicity, incorporating it into a sleeve portion; alternatively have it as a sleeve/calf with the spaces coloured very brightly.

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Ales Joseph Diamond AbAD

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Some Things Are Black - Some Things Are White | Static -01 / Sacred Geometry ~ETS #blackandwhite #sacredgeometry

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feather rug from UO

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Science Design #minimal #tattoo #tattooideas #tattooidea

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neutral texture.

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Sacred Geometry <3

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This looks like cracked tiling to us - beautiful in its black and white simplicity.

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Morandini Marcello 534-2008

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Tile Floor

Black and white tile floor. I want to cover a book in this.

wewastetimefrom wewastetime


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Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic

qu'est-ce que l'art (aujourd'hui)?from qu'est-ce que l'art (aujourd'hui)?

Simone Pheulpin à la galerie des Ateliers d’art

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Fabric Manipulation with sculptural 3D textures conveying a sense of depth - textile landscapes; 3D surface design // Simone Pheulpin

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this starts with simple lines repeated in different directions. So fun and fast and it looks very cool

all that i amfrom all that i am

all that i am

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JOIDART.COM Teulats collection inspiration. Mediterranean rooftop. #joidart #barcelona #teulats #earrings #jewellery #jewellerymakers #marinatruecollection #onlineshop #jewelleryonlineshop #jewelry #aw15 #mediterranean

Issuufrom Issuu


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Check out this collection of amazing art & creativity!

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Black | 黒 | Kuro | Nero | Noir | Preto | Ebony | Sable | Onyx | Charcoal | Obsidian | Jet | Raven | Color | Texture | Pattern | Line / dot by MuirMcNeil for Dixon Baxi

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Polygon fade out