Lettering tattoo in a different language

Rose tattoo

cross tattoo back tattoo

Love this tattoo.....

really like this one


Well just when I thought I had my tattoo idea figured out then I see this! Me likee - mine would be with an "A" -- Heart Tattoos | tattoo j letter tattoo henna simple tattoo j letter tattoo


peter pan tattoo!

Her husband always said it was bad luck to get a loved one's name tattooed on them, so in his memory, she got part of his 'if I don't come home' letter tattooed on her. <3

delicate #lettering #handwriting #tattoo

so cute!

Heart tattoo

every day is a start of something beautiful tattoo

55 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos | Cuded I think lace tattoos can be really classy

i like tatoos on the foot

tattooed couple | Tumblr

Feather tattoo.