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  • Ronnie Unghire Martin

    Tuesday's blog post. Portion Distortion! Tips on how to keep you from falling into the trap! #ronniemartinhealth #nutrition #diet #health #fitness

  • April Smithson for thought...

  • Christine Hughes


  • Bootea

    Combine a Bootea Teatox with healthy eating to see the best weight loss results - The teatox for weightloss @booteauk #bootea

  • Rhonda Aldrich

    Portion Control = Success, After all You Can Eat Anything if the Portion is Right Portion Can Be Controlled Easier Than Trying to Limit Palatable Foods or Exercising: Here are some of the strategies used by individual to control their portion size. Some are simple, while others are more complex. Incorporate as many as you can into you families eating patterns:

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this makes so much sense!

PORTION CONTROL: Visual Cues to Help You Remember What a Serving Should Look Like by #LaurenConrad #DietTips

The secret to weight loss! Portion size by use of my hand.

Size portions. They all sound doable except the ice cream? Really? 2 ping pong balls? Lol riggght

Picture Perfect Portion Sizes

Utter failure at portion control in my house. Though it's tempting to print this out for my husband and show it to him when he argues that his huge portions are fine. ; )

Portion-control serving utensils for starch, veggies, and protein. $15 for the set. REALLY good idea. This would probably help me a lot!

Some day, I will do a marathon. That is my lifetime running goal for now: finish a marathon.

Data gathered by Massive Health through The Eatery app. I've been using at and it's a great way to (very) loosely gauge how wholesome your eating habits are.

Condiments can "make or break" your healthy lifestyle!