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  • Wendy K Beaudet

    Interesting -Daily objectives written with dry erase marker on dollar store frames - much nicer than just writing on the normal white board.

  • Pam Durkota

    Classroom ideas

  • Brittany Beach

    objective board w/ dollar store frames. Change to Learning Targets.

  • Jenna Flannery

    Ten Pin Linky ~ Classroom Decor! Objective Board

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such a cute way to remember what to do

Learning goal in picture frame-- use dry erase on the glass. Have spots to hang scale underneath when needed? Hmm, I like. Put the frames on bulletin board, in a line down whiteboard, hmm

Dollar Store find. Facial clothes for white board erasers.

Could just figure out how to do the outline & put it on the big white board to write on the 'inside'.

THIS IS GENIUS! Use great critical reading strategies without copying the textbook! Students can keep a sheet protector in their notebook/binder to have ready in any class! Simply trim the side and bottom edge, leave three hole punched edge. Write with dry-erase markers, then wipe clean for the next 2-page spread

boxes from the Dollar Store, cover with scrapbook paper of your choice, and attached them to white board with magnetic clips. They hold remotes, chart markers, dry erase markers, erasers, and board clips.

Sensory boards made out of dollar store cutting boards and common objects from the craft cupboard and around the house. There is sand paper - kitchen scrubbies - car wash mitts - place mats - terrycloth toweling - fun fur etc. The edging is made from colourful shoelaces and each item is glued down with tacky glue - I find it stronger than hot glue - it just had to dry for a couple of days before use. The children really seem to enjoy them!

Cute and simple way to add some color to your whiteboard and looks efficient as well, could be use for homework, upcoming events, to tell your parents, a variety of things, math stations

Tired of your Objectives taking up your white board?...Certificate frames from the dollar store, scrapbook paper, and ribbons.

To do list in a frame... this will be on my desk. I waste so much paper doing these to do list and then I cant find them