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This is pretty cool. Stockholm-based photographer Philip Karlberg used peg board and colored sticks to create these portraits for a Plaza Magazine photo shoot. See if you can guess who is featured in each of these "on point" portraits.

nspired by hip-hop, street art, graphics and cinema, Moscow, Russia based photographer Igor Klepnev captured the stunning Pop Art Portraits. Igor has been photographing in fashion, art-fashion and portrait genres since 2009.

Pop Art Portraits by Igor Klepnev

Igor Klepnev 'Pop Art Portraits' - Igor Klepnev’s Pop Art Portraits display a fantastic portrayal of the neon trend. The talented Russian photographer has created a series th.

Aristide Joseph Bonaventure Maillol (1861-1944) was a French sculptor, painter, and print maker

Aristide Maillol, Banyuls, 1941 by André Ostier. French Catalan sculptor, painter, and printmaker.

Self portraits of Karl Lagerfeld at Versailles, shot just for us!

Karl Lagerfeld Does Not Like French Food, but He Is a Fan of Versailles

Iconic black-and-white & Self portraits of Karl Lagerfeld at Versailles, shot just for us!


philip karlberg: pin art celebrity portraits for plaza

Photographer Philip Karlberg's  Celebrity Pin Art Plaza Magazine

Philip Karlberg: pin art - celebrity portraits for plaza magazine. Jackie O wearing Burberry sunglasses

Fruit faces for Plaza Magazine. Keywords: set design, vegetables, still life, still life photography,

<p>Another in the blossoming trend of still life campaigns, this whimsical campaign by photographer Philip Karlberg features the products of eyewear label Synsam. To accentuate the classic styles, Kar

Philip Karlberg for Synsam Eyewear

MRQT Menswear Boutique by ROK in Stuttgart, Germany | Yellowtrace

MRQT Stuttgart Menswear Boutique by ROK