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This weeks theme will be awards and David has won many.  Here he is holding his 2006 awards from Doctor Who Magazine Reader's survey Award for Best Actor Ever to Play the Doctor.

For a second I thought this was the Doctor because that sounds like something he would tell a child who feels useless or out of place. When the cast the Doctor they don't just choose an actor they choose some one who embodies the spirit and kindness and character traits of the Doctor

Haha! That would literally be the whole episode... them fighting and Watson and the companion just sitting there like "Why do I hang out with this guy?"

Will Joss Whedon kill again in Avengers 2?

nickborelli: ““I am become death, destroyer of worlds” - J. Robert Oppenheimer ” Never, ever fall into the fatal error of thinking a writer is safe. They’re not tame writers, after all. (see also: “It’s My World And I’ll Destroy It/(You) If I Want...