Beer still life with hops and barley

Hops Chemistry, painted using beer.

beer still life

Bier Beer Hops Water Barley Yeast Poster by UltimateManCave

Hops: A Homebrewers' Guide

Hop flower made out of old maps. #craftbeer

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Life is too Short for Bad Beer-

Annabelle Breakey, commercial, editorial, food, still life and product photographer, Beer Still Life


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Hops are important in determining the flavor of your favorite beers... Especially craft beers! Amarillo, Cascade, Fuggle, Mosaic... Each one has a unique taste in much the same way grape varietals do.



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Still Life by Justin Wood, via Behance

cardinal beer

What's really remarkable is the extremely strong hopping of the beers, with at least 45 up to 70 bittering units for the best-selling beer Centennial IPA with 7.2 percent ABV.

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