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  • Hannah Ross

    We go to Target® sometimes.    I have a friend who goes there all the time. Her son thought up a dragon toy that …Continue reading …

  • Jen D

    The best blog! Funny parenting stories told through "crappy" pictures. -Jen

  • Theresa

    shopping at the hypnotic eye store ;)

  • Gayla Blenden

    ha! this is so me after leaving Target!!

  • Shawna Caufield

    Click on this a read the whole cartoon, it is super funny! Be sure to scroll to the bottom and read the small print about the toothbrush....hilarious!

  • Krysten Purkey

    My life-- walk into Target for one thing, walk out with 80 things

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Her blog is hilarious and this post about Shopping at Target...I'm pretty sure my tea came out my nose!!! What an awesome laugh.

I got a bunch of the geeky stuff I pinned but I also was thrilled to receive new pots and pans and would probably have been thrilled with a new vacuum lol Being a grown up sucks

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I can't hear you, so I'll just laugh and hope it wasn't a question.

I can't go to Target anymore without thinking of this..."It's not a bullseye, it's a hypnotic eye"-Amber Dusick... So true.

Actually I do this more with emails; write the reply but forget to send so it just sits in the Drafts until I try to find it in Sent :-/

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Oh my that is so funny and So true!! just WRong to eat a kit kat like that! Don't you watch the commercial!? LOL