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Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shooters

Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shooters Ingredients: Strawberries Margarita Mix 1 box Strawberry Jell-O 8 ounces tequila, preferably reposado or blanco 6 ounce Cointreau Salt for garnish

My mom has been making this for years. It really is the best!! Can of frozen limeade, 12 oz. tequilla, 24 oz. Sprite, one Corona Light. Best. Margarita. Ever.

Best skinny marg -- 1 can of frozen diet limeade, 12 oz tequilla, 24 oz diet Sprite & 1 Corona Light

Creamy Margarita Popsicles. Clever, but I hate those wooden spoons. Maybe something other than that texture.

Creamy Margarita Popsicles

Creamy Margarita Popsicles Recipe Ingredients cup fresh lime juice (about 8 limes), plus 4 limes for stabilizing the popsicle sticks 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 1 cup water ¼…

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots would be a present that would make me a happy happy person -NG

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Funny pictures about Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots. Oh, and cool pics about Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots. Also, Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots.

Strawberry Margarita Popsicles | 17 Ways To Sneak Booze Onto The Beach

Strawberry Margarita Popsicles

Try Strawberry Margarita Pops! You'll just need Dixie cups,, popsicles sticks, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Strawberry Margarita.

{Simple and Easy Jell-O Shots} These are Swankiest Jello-O Shots Ever!!!

simple Jello pop shots ~ simple but eye catching way for a party! use with diet jelly for a sweet but low cal treat

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Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shot Glasses We combined vanilla vodka, Godiva liquor, and some chocolate syrup for a delicious shot in an edible glass.

Frozen margarita in a strawberry.    Genius!!!! Need to do it

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Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots The bonko girls will love these! cbagent Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots The bonko girls will love these! Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots The bonko girls will love these!