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Strawberry tower made from fence boards. Lettuces, arugula, spinach, herbs of all kinds! And uses way less dirt than a traditional pallet garden!

Cómo cosechar las semillas de los vegetales para plantar el año próximo - How to harvest seeds from your vegetables to plant next year

10 Everyday Household Items That Make Perfect Seedling Starters

Random but we just had a huge box of stale cones come in through gleaners... this'll be perfect!

How to Grow Asparagus in Raised Beds

How to Grow Asparagus in Raised Beds.....I need to learn how to do this because we eat a ton of asparagus, and it's not cheap!

Creative DIY Ideas for Growing Strawberries On Small Garden or Yard

Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Vegetables - Easy DIY project

2 lt. soda bottles filled w/holes, planted in the hole as you plant the tomato or other plant, then fill the bottle w/water 'til it overflows, for a self watering help....

Creative re-use idea: Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant. Utilisation d'une bouteille plastique pour arrosage intelligent et economique