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Mother and child Chipper Butler I found out that this ring practice does not make their necks longer as they hope but rather deforms the shoulders...we take an asprin for pain it must be her constant companion..

traditional indigenous clothing and method of winnowing rice, Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park, Thailand

Poverty, defined differently for many people and it affects people differently, I just hope though that like the reflected innocence of the child people never forget about just being happy and appreciate what they do have no matter what your financial stability may be

Akha, Burma, China, Laos, Thailand

The gardener... Mother earth. Shan, Myanmar, Burma Such a beautiful sight

Desert-Dreamer: Karen Tribe, Thailand and Burma (via around-our-world)

A Buddhist monk prays by candlelight in a temple in the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma). Photo credit Kyle Hammons

Throw away the TV and unplug the internet, you might actually find your kids reading those things called books..

Myanmar - Pagodas. Facts about Myanmar: Area: 676,577 sq km. Basin and delta of the Irrawaddy River ringed by a horseshoe of high mountains that isolates the country from India, China and Thailand. Population: 50,495,672. Capital: Naypyidaw. Official language: Burmese. 116 languages.

*Young Akha woman, Burma (Myanmar) a sovereign state in Southeast Asia bordered by China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh.