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Ayam Taliwang - I discovered this dish on my recent trip to Lombok, Indonesia and really love it. The chef at the Lombok Lodge prepared this off-menu dish for us and it was out of this world! Yum!

Indonesian food; ayam bakar madu (honey grilled chicken), kangkung udang (water spinach with shrimp), nasi bakar (smoked rice), cumi oseng cabe ijo (stir-fried baby squid with green chilies.

Pecel is the typical food Madiun East Java Indonesia made of vegetable stew of spinach, bean sprouts, long beans, basil, leaves turi, Krai (a type of cucumber) or other vegetables are served with sauce doused pecel. The concept is similar to pecel dish salad for Europeans, ie fresh vegetables doused mayonnaise topping. It’s just to pecel peanut sauce topping.

Ketan Biru (Blue Glutinous Rice-Solo Style). To give a proof that the Javanese did (or still does) use bunga telang (blue pea vine) to colour this not just the Sumatran (Malay) does it.