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it really is... and this is the reason I look horrible when I get home from work...

Yes--but mainly i just wanted to keep the bottom picture.

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This could not more be more accurate.

Kids these days are so into electronics. My little friend is in like, second grade and has an iPod touch and a phone. I had no idea iPod touches existed in second grade!! It's ridiculous!

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I like big cups and I can not lie You coffee drinkers can't deny When a triple breve overflows With steam all in your face You get AWAKE! Wanna drink you all up Cuz you notice that your cup is stuffed Full of caffeine goodness I'm hooked and I can't stop staring Oh, baby I wanna drink ya And sip you slowly My barista tried to warn me But that cup you got Make me so happy...'

This is me. I need to name my alarms like this.

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