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    • Heidi Rucki

      This is a Jewel Caterpillar spotted by naturalist and photographer Gerardo Aizpuru near Cancun, Mexico. Photo taken in a mangrove area. Found this Stoning translucent caterpillar lay on a Red Mangrove tree. Looks like it's made of glass whit small red mushroom inside. About 3 cm long.

    • Parin Mirani

      #THEJEWELCATERPILLAR: The crystal-clear #Jewel #Caterpillar of #Central and #SouthAmerica, is pictured here in all its translucent glory. It was first spotted in #April by naturalist and photographer #GerardoAizpuru near #Cancun, #Mexico. This particular caterpillar which is known more formally as #AcragaCoa, metamorphoses into this equally stunning orange moth.

    • Vanessa Foy

      Crystal caterpillar Daltserida This is a fantastic creation with the Latin name Acraga coa - moth larva of the family daltserid. Hard to believe, but this looks like a jewel caterpillar resting peacefully on a lush mangrove leaf, very quickly turn into a bright mol - daltseridu, all the body is covered with a huge amount of orange cloth. Under the cut more photos of this crystal caterpillar .

    • Lasca Nixon


    • Lexi Black

      "Jewel Caterpillar Acraga coa Photo take in a mangrove area , found this Stoning translucent caterpillar lay on a Red Mangrove tree leaf this morning early. Just can believe there is some species like this around the world. looks like made of glass whit small red mushroom inside every pic. about 3 cm long."

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