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    Are we becoming a military state?



    • Marie Ellis

      Activist Post: New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness

    • John Houk

      Obama Declares Martial Law I am a huge fan of blogger Danny Jeffrey. To my way of thinking Danny is emerging as a modern Jeremiad writer warning that if the trend of events continue the world order that Americans have grown complacently used to will change. Hmm … Who is that guy that promised his election will “CHANGE” America?

    • Olivier Blanchard

      [original caption]: "48 Hours Till Obama Declares Amnesty & Martial Law Melt the DC Phone Lines Now!" (Posted 3 weeks ago. Still no martial law. lolz)

    • Pam Jeremy

      48 Hours Till Obama Declares Amnesty & Martial Law Melt the DC Phone Lines Now! UPDATE: 24 Hours Till Obama Declares Amnesty! Now He Will Announce on Thursday Evening 11/20/2014

    • Ed Koehl

      Will Obama Attempt To Declare Martial Law Before November Election? | Before It's News

    • ICITech Org

      Obama signs executive order on cybersecurity |

    • Melissa Sandella

      scary facts or conspiracy theories

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    Gen James Mattis: We ask you to lead us in to the Restoration of America. Well someone needs to. We can't just sit and watch history repeat itself!!

    It is the veteran...

    In an MSNBC poll, 78% of respondents approved of executing Americans without trial. This is an accurate portrait of the kind of people that watch msnbc & what they'll do for Obama. (70 years ago people like these were called NAZI'S!)

    Malala Yousefzai recovering after her final surgery.

    Open your eyes!

    Yes, Obama just gave complete regulation of GMOs to Monsanto. Take action here: action.fooddemocr... or click the image to go to the national 'impeach obama' petition.

    2 Teens: ONE made NATIONAL NEWS HEADLINES and MEDIA CONSTANT COVERAGE and ONE ignored! Twitter / zcraft7: @Conservative_VW thought I'd ...

    They knew. All of them. They knew.

    Why is it that black conservatives are labeled Uncle Toms or worse by white liberals? Can't they have a different point of view? Where's the tolerance and open mindedness of the left? Hooray for Dr. Ben Carson, a man with a different point of view who is not afraid to speak.

    Cruz!! You Go Cruz!!!!

    Hopey, Changey BS from the worst president EVER!