By far the most outrageous look on Molaro's catwalk Attendees at Gianni Molaro's spring 2012 show at AltaRoma AltaModa fashion week in Rome got more than an eyeful this week when the designer sent a model dressed in, um, this thing down the runway.


Steroids anyone? Gross!

Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2012 Collection


London fashion week-- dress made of hair.

Renaissance robe of Dorothea von Neuburg (1598), Old Art Gallery, Munich

Iris van Herpen

Dress worn by Marketa Lobkowicz, 1617, Mikulov Museum

elizabeth sweetheart has been wearing kelly green for 16 years. "I’m from Nova Scotia, where green is in your surroundings. I missed nature when I moved to New York. I started wearing green nail polish, and it spread all over me." Also: Her expression here is so impish, she looks like the Faerie Queen, completely unable to travel incognito. @Ronald Fickelstein has a whole board in her honor at

can't. stop. LAUGHING!!

By the way.... Singer/ musician Bjork, wore this piece in one of her concerts to which Joan Rivers quipped "She looks like the Colin Cancer Fairy, lol." Soooo bad but funny. I love Bjork and I support her avant garde fashion choices but that was hilarious!

human tooth ring


This bathing suit is too revealing.

Hu Sheguang Haute Couture 2014

meanwhile at walmart

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Top 15 Worst Prom Dresses Ever Wth do people think lol stop it!

You want attention with this outfit? Guarantee you will never be ignored anymore if you are that insecure. LOL!