simple beauty - a breath of fresh air

Glowing Squids in Japan, one of nature’s miracles

this is just wow...awesome nature pic

Winters Natural Heart-Aww Sooo Beautiful. Nature is amazing!!

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Maui, Hawaii, USA--There is a small forest of these trees off the Hana Highway. As the outer bark naturally sheds it leaves strips of green inner bark exposed and as it grows the inner bark turns bluish, orange, purple and maroon.. I must see this! This form of eucalyptus tree grows in Maui rainforests where the bark peels back to reveal a gorgeous range of colours.

nature photography

♥ Heart clouds.........Love Letters From God...just look around, His Beauty and Glory surround us...

Amazing shot of a beautiful skeleton leaf.

Beach Love | ... things to do is take a walk on the beach i love looking at shells

Symmetry... awesome. #nature #reflections #sunset #tree

..Natural tree

The infinity fountain / Algarve, Portugal

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Nature at it's best.


Sun, Field, Beauty of Nature

He sat beneath the oak tree


In sunset