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  • Madeline Robinson

    I love this movie because it has Flynn rider and Flynn rider is the only Disney character to ever question why everyone is randomly breaking out in song and dance!

  • Camila Rodrigues

    Favorite Disney princess movie!

  • Kara Hornby {Sorghum and Starch}

    Tangled...the cutest Disney movie since Finding Nemo!

  • Robin Bentley

    One of my FAVORITE MOVIES!!!!! :) #kidatheart FAVORITE KID Movie

  • Debbie West

    A Tangled FHE. Pretty awesome. How come I never looked at the movie this way? Cute for Activity Days or YW activity too

  • Susan Spackman

    "Tangled" FHE ~ I don't know about you but I LOVED this movie! As I was watching it for the first time last week the story struck me as so profound. Let's see if this sounds familiar: a beautiful young girl is born of royal birth. However, as she gets older she is told lie after lie to try and keep her from fulfilling her full potential. She struggles between believing these lies or going out on her own and finding out who she really is...only to learn she truly is the daughter of the King. H...

  • Lisa Morris

    tangled movie - Google Search

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