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The Best Belly-Fat-Fighting Interval Workout For Beginners

by Susi May
There are 1,001 ways to work out on a treadmill, but my favorite is intervals. Changing your pace every few minutes busts through the boredom often associated with indoor running, and once you set your pace on the treadmill, it's difficult to cheat. In
  • Liz Baldridge

    Treadmill intervals to burn belly fat, I work out!

  • Lisa Young Narducci

    Treadmill workout - 42 minutes - treadmill intervals to burn belly fat - totally doable...highest speed is 7 mph.

  • Genny Byars

    treadmill intervals to burn belly fat - totally doable; highest speed is 7 mph.

  • Karen Wullaert

    treadmill intervals to burn belly fat. love interval workouts

  • Jennifer Pearson

    Cardio Workout: Treadmill Intervals that help burn belly fat. Fastest pace is 7 mph! Totally doable!!!

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