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blessingways ceremony for moms-to-be.I'd love to do this to celebrate this sacred transition

A blessingway is not a baby shower, but a rather more spiritual celebration of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Blessingway has its roots in Navajo tradition, and we have borrowed and adapted this ancient custom. Today the blessingway is a small gathering of the close women family and friends of a pregnant woman, to inspire, nurture and celebrate her during the last weeks of pregnancy.  Please bring: a bead or two for a birthing necklace, a blessing, an object for the altar, some food to…

have family and friends of a pregnant woman send a bead or two for a birthing necklace

These unique bronze bowls are made from casting taken of mothers' bellies. They make a gorgeous sound too!

Belly bowls - cast in bronze and made into singing bowls. Each has its own unique tone.

Padsicles with lavender and tea tree oil.

Clean Eating While Pregnant

Popsicle Pads are a lifesaver! Pain relief after the baby. Prepare these before delivery.

How to Throw a Blessing Way .

note for the blessingway candles/ to keep friends and family close in prayer- Gifts for close fam and friends?

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Blessingways inspire, empower & honor women as they enter into motherhood Blessingway Kits by IrisOils