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no instructions, but I would have to say looks like instead of half carefully cut the pointy end just enough to remove yolk, make your favorite deviled egg filling, pipe back in, replace with top, decorate with carrot match sticks, and chopped olives.

Easter chick deviled eggs - They are so cute, how could you eat them?

Penguin Olives - With cream cheese, jumbo & small black olives, & carrots.  These little guys are cute.  #Lindsay Olives

Penguin appetizer--made from black olives, cream cheese, and carrots. You could also probably use mozzarella instead of cream cheese.

Made these for garnish around the stromboli on Christmas Eve. They were the talk of the food table :D

Cream Cheese Penguins Recipe made with black olives, carrots and cream cheese! You can add scarves and hats by using fresh red pepper strips, or canned pimentos cut into different shapes. Use frilly toothpicks if you can.

Ham & Cheese Ribbons...pretty & simple appetizers with cheese chunks, deli ham, pickle chunks & cherry tomatoes.  Perfect for the upcoming holidays.

cute for parties Ham & Cheese Ribbons.pretty & simple appetizers with cheese chunks, deli ham, pickle chunks & cherry tomatoes. Perfect for the upcoming holidays.

mmm, leuk voor een feestje

Black olive, cream cheese and carrot penguin party food, appetizer,

Great Balls of Cheese

Great Balls of Cheese By Michelle Buffardi. Remember the nut covered, pink colored cheese balls served at grandmas house for the holidays? Well, these

I want to make pancakes like this.

So bear-y cute. I don't even like pancakes. But, to all you party bears out there, it's not a party without streamers. Or pancakes.

It's December: are your pants already feeling tight? These 10 healthy holiday treats will please both kids and kids at heart!

10 Healthy Holiday Treats for Kids and Kids at Heart

Black Olive Penguins by Foodie with Family. These super cute cream cheese filled black olive penguins are the hit of every party, but they make a seriously adorable late afternoon snack, too!

Veggie Train: Made With Peppers...Cut & Hollow Out Bell Peppers As In Picture...For Wheels, Use Carrot & Cucumber Slices (Hold In Place With Toothpicks)...NOTE: No Link...

Veggie Train: Made With Peppers.Cut & Hollow Out Bell Peppers As In…

Penquin made from olive & carrot....?? Really? Who has time for this??:

Recipe ● Cream Cheese Penguins The creamy cheese pairs well with the briny olive and the carrot adds a bit if sweetness and crunch. We used large olives for both parts and only tsp of cream cheese per penguin. Even my 4 year old could do this.

1 min turning cooked egg into a bunny - super cool and easy trick

A picture is worth a thousand words in creating this Eggs-tra Special Easter Egg Bunny. The pictorial inspires and offers instructions for a surprising easy Recipe for Fun. We are having a practice. (ideas for presentations kids)

Wonderful DIY Strawberry Rose |

Wonderful DIY Strawberry Rose

Deviled Eggs with carrot beak and peppercorn eyes

These deviled egg chicks are so cute and just in time for Easter! Get creative!

awwwww this would be adorable for a party :)

OLIVE + CREAM CHEESE PENGUINS It just doesn& get much cuter than this, guys! Olives, cream cheese, carrots, and toothpicks are ALL you need to make these cutie little penguins! How absolutely perfect for a fun party appetizer?