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    Here’s a recipe for success: Take two of the hottest, fastest-growing websites in the world and mash them together. That’s exactly what Pek Pongpaet, 35, and Brandon Leonardo, 28, did this week when they launched Pinstagram, which uses the famous waterfall layout of Pinterest to create a platform fo...
    May 10, 2012
    Jakob Schiller

    Pinterest + Instagram = Pinstagram



    • Mad Mimi

      Pinstagram! Pinterest for your Instagram photos :) And a special bonus of products that put your Instagram photos to use!

    • M Booth PR

      Connecting your Pinterest and Instagram accounts is a website aptly named Pinstagram – not only can you repin your/your friend’s Instagram images directly to Pinterest, but it is an easy way to browse all your Instagram photos on the web. #word #instagram

    • David Harding

      Pinstagram! After connecting your Instagram account, you view your photo stream in the waterfall layout Pinterest is known for, and has since spread across the web. You can like and comment on photos, as in the Instagram app. At the same time, you can pin photos to your Pinterest pinboards.

    • Desert WildFlower

      Pinstagram - Pinterest meets Instagram. This is a great site for Instagram and Pinterest users!

    • Alejandro Franceschi

      #Pinterest #Instagram #Facebook #Pinstagram - That didn't take long, did it?

    • Alaina

      It’s Not a Joke Anymore: Someone Actually Built Pinstagram

    • Lauryn Doll

      Pinstagram = Pinterest + Instagram for Desktop users

    • Chris

      Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram

    • Ian Robbins

      Pinstagram App

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