Lol... this is great :-) I can see this happening at my house with that crazy squirrel getting in the squirrel proof bird feeder.

I regret nothing.

grown up skewers! hahaha!!!!

I just keep on saying it and laughing

funny things - Google Search I just laugh too hard, I'm crying.

Drunk Flamingo

This made me LOL literally... I grabbed my mouth with laughter. So funny!



I found this way too funny

48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old. Omg this is crazy!!!!!!

Say, Ernie, would you like some ice cream?

We've rounded up some strange and funny examples of how not to fix things.

I laughed. It's funny.

. awesome


laughed more than i should have....

I can't stop laughing!

...and again, laughed way too much.