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Asher Monroe Book - asher-book Photo

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Asher Book :) I love it when guys wear these hats like this!

Exclusive Interview With 'Fame' Star Asher Book!

Cam Gigandet

10 celeb baby wearing dads

Stylish dad with baby sling.uh don't you mean hot dad with baby sling?

Spiked hair is so attractive! Hate the outfit tho!

I don't care about Zac Efron, I just care about that Louis Vuitton fall 2012 arrow and feather brooch on his lapel!

Asher-Monroe-asher-book-24682682-384-216.gif (384×216)

Asher-Monroe-asher-book-24682682-384-216.gif (384×216)

asher monroe's music is addictive

asher monroe's music is addictive

Whatever they drink in their hometown, I want to bottle it up and sell it.

Chris & Liam Hemsworth- their parents certainly gave them some good genes

Liam Hemsworth.                                                                                                                                                      More

Liam Hemsworth Talks Miley Cyrus' Pot Scandal

Dear Liam Hemsworth, When you get sick of Miley Cyrus looking like Justin Bieber, I'll be here. (Ok so I only think this is funny cuz it says Miley Cyrus looks like Justin bieber! So completely true.