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I'm Sick


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I love to run. I love to work out. BUT I HATE FITNESS PESTS on social media. UGH. Just work out because it's good for you and SHUT UP. Sigh...

It's true


Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Disney land bucket list - Toy story characters

Haha wanna play a game?


I always do this then get mad at

Nose ring. Bahaha

Hahaha that bird is awesome.

I know!! =/

Grammar saves lives. Way to go youth of America.

Love this guy.

Fair point haha

Why is this sooo funny?

White People Almost Kissing, a book by Nicholas Sparks

I wish I could.

Chocolate milk does not approve of your shenanigans bahaha

Riddle me this!

Hahah pussy.

Daily Odd Compliment

Nanananana Batman! Haha

This is incredibly true.

Yup pretty much.