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    "Damn, I just really wanna be fucked, you know? Just really fucked!"


    She makes me laugh....Oh, there are days when doing this crosses my mind. Samantha - Sex and the City

    Downton Abbey via Icanhascheeseburgers


    36 Times Jess Mariano Completely Melted Your Heart On "Gilmore Girls"

    Mathilde Marcantoni


    Read these and pictured each episode while doing so! There will never be another show like Friends!

    This love stuff is a motherfucker. - Samantha, Sex and the City

    just sheldon...big bang theory

    This truly inspiring video takes one through the uphill battle of what has been our history of sexual equality. This video outlines the hardships faced by young children due to discrimination caused by their sexual identity and orientation. This video also expresses the fight for same-sex marriage and the struggles homosexuals have faced in addressing their sexual identity.

    "I meant something like that" BEST New Girl moment ever!! My heart melted and I got super excited. I've been waiting for them to kiss from the first episode ♥


    Lolololol xD ignore the cussing, that food speaks the truth of itself

    We're the Millers hearted <3 #quote #fancy #inspiration #edgy

    One time, this guy bullied me for being a lesbian. So I stole his girlfriend... Lesbian Secret Whisper

    These secret words will make any man fall in love with you