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  • Jennifer Tresp-Oppeneer

    This woman spent her 35th birthday in AN AMAZING WAY! (with her kids no less) Doing 35 Random Acts of Kindness. This is such a great idea instead of feeling sorry for myself on my birthday!!

  • Sara Bliesener

    Sara: 33.Do a random act of kindness for every year I’ve been alive on my birthday. Read the whole blog-such a cool idea. She took her kids and did 35 random acts of kindness for her 35th birthday! Definatly something I wanna try. Maybe I'll even take days, and make up for the lost years. :p

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After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a "work for hire" job to get money. GREAT IDEA!

Such a festive tablescape. I love the flower arrangement.

Busy Board - Lowes here I come!

Why Food Coloring is Bad and What to Use Instead

4 Growing Boys: School lunch ideas--great ideas. Pack on weekends. Ready for the week. Jello right into the container to set up. Lots of quick tips, even if you don't use these containers.

QTip Templates by therapyfunzone: Kids dip Q-Tips into paint and press into a circle on paper- one dot per circle. This activity slows movements patterns because requires focus to dot inside of each circle. This activity is a great activity for working on distal control. You can also address appropriate grasp patterns and force modulation (the harder you press the more the paint will spread outside the circles). #Kids #Painting #Fine_Motor

Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid ...and you have a perfect Lego Travel smart!

This blog is amazing! Great ideas for kids' lunches! Not only does this lady show you "Pack this-not that!" lunch ideas, but she also has tips on how to make cheaper, healther spins on Lunchables, bought lunches, etc. Pin now, read later!

Why would the tooth fairy leave a plain old dollar under the pillow when she could leave a butterfly or two.

20 ways to make your kid feel special on their birthday

Chore Baskets with cleaning descriptions for Saturday jobs

This is too true

Artwork for kid's room

Love this idea

30 Jokes your kids will love!

Sorry, Kaylee!

Toothbrush holders and towel hooks

"The Best of Times"--clocks stopped at the times on which your children were born. Such a precious idea.



teaching kids to write {thank you} notes

Notes to make your kids day!...some of these made me tear up! Love this idea!

book sling tutorial

20 Minute Mom: A "Babysitter Box" for an Organized Bedtime Routine

"Stay in bed until you see the sun!" This clock displays a sleepy star during nighttime hours, and a cheerful sun during the day. Parents choose what time the sun appears, so the child knows when it's ok to get out of bed.