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don't usually pay attention to these, but this one is quite accurate

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Gemini Rundown

Well, I don't know anyone that really likes a liar, but this is absolutely true!

Gemini have a hard time trusting, but when they do, they will always trust. And if you mess that up then they will NEVER trust you again

Yes!!!! =) but somehow its become less common, can't seem to cover them up as I used to.

Pretty accurate.... #Aquarius ♒️

Zodiac Gemini Facts | See much more at TheZodiacCity.com

Gemini: Pet Peeve

Gemini facts true. Especially when it says if you fall for a personality then everything about that person becomes attractive. Amazing.

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Gemini. I see both sides with lightning speed which can be dizzying for me and sometimes frustrating as the ground is never really very firm.

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Don't I know it!!! So how do I "motivate" a Gemini?