Actually accurate for me

I love this about me. Because I usually get what I want and it weeds out the people that aren't good for my life.


Amazing Zodiac Facts Here - Gemini... So true

#Gemini this pisses me off so bad! I HATE it when people blame me for something I didn't do!! It happened so much before in the beginning of the school year, but not anymore:)




Gemini personality disorders | Gemini Personality Disorder / funny stuff - Juxtapost - popculturez.com


This is truer than true. I am a true blue Gemini... That's the trouble. I'm too true to my sign. ♊

I don't do zodiac stuff but . . .I'd have to agree with this one, at least for me personally. ;)

If we mean it!! We usually don't so don't get your hopes up!! It's just temporary..

Born in May. It takes time for me to adapt to new situations and I don't get angry easily, I get annoyed easily. Other than those it's true.

Too true! Someone used to tell me all the time to stop worrying about crap that hasn't happened. Maybe this is why!


#Gemini ha 5th one down...i say this about myself all the time! i guess i come by it naturally.

Gemini for the win..