Selkirk Rex Kitten

^..^ Curly Hair Kitten

Selkirk Rex ♥ How adorable!!!!

British Short Hair Cinnamon Kitten Stays Kitten Size! Cute! oh my...I would be in so much trouble...

Lilac British kitten

maine coon kitten

Selkirk Rex - curly-haired cat

The cutest devon rex kitten ever!

beautiful sealpoint kitten



Such a beautiful kitten -

chocolate kitten


"It's an inconvenient habit of kittens that no matter what you say to them, they purr." --Lewis Carroll

Kitty Kitty wanna play? Or kitty kitty wanna bite...

Cute kitten

kitties :)

And all of the kittens.

AWWW.. Look at the patterns on the fur and its eyes its adorable.....!!! :D