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Why are many liberals comparing Obama with Abraham Lincoln, civil war, and the death of more than 600,000 Americans?

steve + bucky + sokovia accords part 3/4 // steve rogers captain america bucky barnes cacw captain america civil war avengers marvel mcu

Seems like Steve is right...Captain America: Civil War! #TeamCap! #Marvel! <3

Why is it that black people are told to get over slavery, but white people always have Civil War reenactments? ~ Get over it. You lost. If you want to leave again, don't let the door hit you where god split you.

"No Pasaran! Fascism wishes to conquer Madrid. Madrid will be the grave of fascism” - Scene of Madrid during the Spanish civil war.

We are falling into their trap.... that is exactly what they want, to impose martial law and ultimately NWO...wake up sheep

In Brooklyn’s Promised Land, Judith Wellman, tells the narrative of Weeksville’s growth, disappearance, rediscovery, and stories of the people who created this community. Weeksville was founded by African American entrepreneurs after slavery ended in New York State in 1827. Weeksville, the second-largest community for free blacks prior to the Civil War, was a haven for former slaves before the Civil War.

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Bible barons: How the GOP uses religion to keep voters captive to corporate ideology

Only 1.6% of US Citizens owned slaves in 1860, when slavery was at its peak. Yet that small 1.6% of rich plantation owners were able to convince the majrity of southerners to fight a civil war for a cause that only reduced thevalue of their own labor and pay. Sounds familiar? #Classism #war #peace