Victor Trivett, 88, plays on his blue kazoo. The instrument is used to help regulate the breathing of people with Parkinsons. Trivett was a ballroom dancer and a disk jockey for over thrity years, which ended when he began to manifest the symptoms of Parkinson's disease over a year and a half ago. Now, his caretaker, Trudy Milone, 71, comes with him to music and dance therapy classess at the church. Cayla Nimmo // Photo Editor

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Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing By ROBERT J. ZATORRE and VALORIE N. SALIMPOOR Published: June 7, 2013 The New York Times

Working with an 11 year old boy to help him discover what is underneath the behaviors that make him a targeting of bullying. (Permission granted to share this art)

Music Therapy and Autism infographic from The George Center #WestMusic #InspireMyClass- If only my insurance would cover this. I truly believe that it would help my son.

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Half the page depicts one's outer self - what people see. The other half is a portrait of one's inner self. From

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Picture Books About Music for Kids

Picture books about music and instruments for kids. Books can be great as introduction, wrap-up, or time-filler activities.

Therapeutic Dream Catchers FREEBIE!! Great for art therapy, self regulation, behavior classrooms.... OR could use with Zones of Regulation!!

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A testimonial for why playing the drums (drumming) helps people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

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