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  • Marizza

    The riots started long before Obama made any public statements, statements where the media came to him, not the other way around... The riots were because it took the Sanford police dept. more than a month to make an arrest of someone who killed another person. Nothing more. People who make these posters are deceitful and divisive people.

  • Noel Donelon

    WOW! Remember all the White people rioting in the streets after OJ? No?

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I'd much rather go to my grave never needing my gun than go there wishing I had it.

Family Saved By George Zimmerman Afraid They Will Be Attacked By Vigilantes. Which begs the question; why are Trayvon's supporters so violent?

You are not for women's rights when you want to strip them of their right to self defense.

If more sane people were armed. The crazy people would get off fewer shots. Support the #SecondAmendment

This image (via observando) is food for thought. Should education also be a constitutional right? Please keep comments respectful towards others' opinions should they be posted.

Guns are good

good people don't need laws to tell them to act responsibly and bad people will find away around the laws.

Funny that guns are good for them to use against their government yet he wants to take away our guns and use the IRS and NSA, FBI etc to restrict our rights. HMMMM

There are no good guns and bad guns. Only the person holding the gun decides it. #Guncontrol is a lame excuse to remove Americans' freedom for self-defense.