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  • Ehider

    21st Century Museum of contemporary Art, Kanazawa -Leandro Erlich’s ‘Swimming Pool

  • Josephine W.

    photography - pink swimming pool

  • Madi Targett

    looking up when you are under the water in the swimming pool

  • MN

    I'm pinning another underwater photo. Wish is simple than the one i pinned a few days ago. i like this one because of its simplicity. I would like to know if the colors it is a effect capture by a camera or an editing software? Leandro Erlich: Swimming Pool

  • Katherine Hanson

    the view for most of my life haha

  • Leslie Lawrence Tamayo

    Swimming pool art installation, by Leandro Erlich

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Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich via artabase: Fully clothed people walk and breathe beneath the surface of this full sized swimming pool. A large, continuous piece of acrylic spans the pool and suspends water above it, creating the illusion of a standard swimming pool that is both disorienting and humorous...

"Swimming Pool" at The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa, Japan by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich. Brilliant.

Leandro Erlich... *Translated from French: Magnificent game on the direction. Exterior one, it is astonishing to see the people in the swimming pool. Interior, see the spectators to the outlines render fuzzy by the waves of water is seizing. I did a very short video to try of some to realize. (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:

By: aubrey☪ ↠↣IIDonuttCaree↢↞

Aquatic voyeurism? The girls in his life at work. We stood at different distances and at different times. The study is about our knees and the use evidence on them.

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"Swimming Pool" Art Exhibit- there is layer of glass underneath the water, so it looks like you're in a pool but you stay completely dry!

Li Kang of China dives into the pool during the women's platform competition during the USA Diving Grand Prix in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Photo: AP, 2008

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