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  • Aliesha Tirevold

    So true! southern belle secrets...only a southern girl understands this one;)

  • Elizabeth Ruddell

    Her Southern Charm: Southern Belle Secrets

  • Jennifer Osborne

    True story! You can say any bad thing you want about someone as long as it starts with "bless your heart"

  • Socially Saucy!

    #Southern Belle Secrets - bless your heart can mean just that - or- it can mean, "you poor, pitiful, thing" - among other meanings #funny

  • Leslie Kalaydjian

    TRUTH AND PURE EVIL!!! : ( southern belle secrets #12 This is so true! Anytime I say anything bad about anyone, I follow it with "Bless their heart", so I don't sound AS evil.

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Hubby ♥

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