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no ink?

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Wax paper inkjet transfer on wood

I really wanna try this now!

Good to Know: If a thief forces you to take money from an ATM, do not argue or resist. What you should do is punch your pin in reverse. EX: if your pin is 1234 you punch 4321. The moment you punch in the reverse, the money will come out but will be stuck in the machine and the machine will immediately alert the police without the theif's knowledge. Every ATM has this feature. Can't believe I never knew this. Very good too know in case this should ever happen.

This is absolutely genius. Recently, I saw in the news that a teenager figured out how to save money on printer ink by changing one small setting on your computer. It all started with his science fair project. He noticed that computer ink is two times more expensive by volume than an imported French...Read More »


Life Hack: Keep your earbuds from getting tangled But I tried this and now I tangled my earphones in a knot. -_-

Lifehacks - part 2

refill printer ink

GOTTA remember this!!! Easy way to get rid of mold in shower caulk - Someone else said: "I just tried it and OH MY GOSH does it work! I left it two hours and the mold was completely GONE!"

Recycle those yucky plastic boxes! Did you know #6 plastic can be used for shrinky plastic? I'm only repinning this for my wife!!

no wonder my linen closet looks like hell....after 35 years I may have finally figured out how to fold fitted sheets :)

Mind Blown!

Here are some simple life hacks that every geek should know about.

Epson ink cartridges - reset - hack- ink secrets

Daddy black ink, child white

Just a few tips for around the house....

Wish I had known this $90 ago....

Homemade Mosquito trap...a lot of other pinners complained that when they tried this it didn't work...even with fresh yeast or with dark paper around it or in warm dark corner of the yard. I don't think we'll lose much by trying, but not getting my hopes up.