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wall to wall

Wall-to-Wall Gallery Walls

Abundant frames create a wallpaper-like effect.Every inch of the wall is covered in black frames in this upstairs hallway. Using similar frames keeps the look c

Gallery wall tutorial #gallerywall #wallart #homedecor

Gallery wall tutorial - that they framed the outlet at the bottom too!

Simple and Modern Spacious Office. Dental Office Design by Arminco Inc.

Color of walls and wood grain contrast -- statement wall with art -- Simple and Modern Spacious Office. Dental Office Design by Arminco Inc.

House of Noise... I mean boys.: Decorating & Our Home

"House of Noise. I mean boys": Gallery Wall - hang with command strips. Perfect to display on wall with pictures of just the boys including dad

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Clever design solutions to STORAGE - BOOKCASES & SHELVING (I have always loved BOXES! (in this age of e-readers and e-books - still love hard-copy books)… Bookcases in a hallway/pass-thru. That's right exploit every single space possible.

I always like the idea of doing a wall with heaps of pictures in interesting old-fashioned frames.

I'm going to devote an entire wall to crooked picture frames. Idea stolen from friend :)

Love it!

Nothing says home and love like a photo wall. Check out these 50 amazing photo wall ideas and learn the best way to photos for your wall gallery.

Gallery wall with monochromatic frames aligned either above or below a central, horizontal line (serving as an invisible boundary).

Mark a horizontal line and hang picture frames or your childrens' art work on either side of the line.perfect for a back hallway

Walls that Talk... how to create organic displays of family pictures.

Picture Wall Gallery Frame Set

One family works together to artfully arrange a two-floor arrangement of family pictures. Learn tips and techniques to create your own wall that talks.

Идея размещения фоторамок

corner gallery wall - without the specially made corner frames. Would need to be on a corner that is in an open area; this would be really overbearing in a tight hallway. But in the right space it could look amazing. Very art gallery.