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  • Under 5s

    Fun fish birthday cake. Check out our other kids birthday party ideas too:

  • 🌺 Jocelyn S 🌺

    Go Fish Birthday Cake Idea

  • Elodie

    100 Easy Kids Cake Ideas

  • Erin Arashiro

    100 Easy Kids' Birthday Cake Ideas, including this fish cake

  • Peri

    Fish Cake [for Nora's 'smash cake'... site also links to tons of other cute cake ideas]

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100+ Easy Kids' Birthday Cake Ideas - not all of them are easy, but lots of them are - my boy and I just looked through them all - definitely worth revisiting at birthday time.

I'm sorry I'm not a cool mom that will spend a fortune on a cake.. wait I'm not sorry but this one I can handle! This looks like a easy, simple, cheap princess cake! considering it will be 1 of 4 cakes at the party.. :-/

Space ship- Cut a rectangular cake to make the tip of the rocket and reattach the extra pieces to create wings. Use three cupcake tops as the blue circles and decorate it with red and blue M from easy cut up cakes for kids

Amazing cake ideas! My Mum used to make some like this (but better!) when I was younger

Sparkly sprinkles for water and colorful M send this little fish to the head of the school. The fins and tail may take a little time -- but the amazing result is sure to go over swimmingly

Here are tons of easy Birthday Cake Ideas for kids. You will find over 100 cake ideas that are simple to make, fun, affordable and kids will love!

Will someone make this cake for my birthday? It's so cute!