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I used the book Brown bear, Brown Bear By Bill Martin to teach about colors. I then gave each of my kid a set of animals from the book then I called out "I spy with my eye, can you spot a brown bear!" They would look at their set of animals, pick the animal then put it in the right colored tissue rolls. My kids really enjoyed this COLOR I SPY GAME!=) (Teacher Karen)

My son brought home a kindergarten memory book today with a monthly art project and pic of him from each month. Loved it! Going to use the idea next year in first grade!

As your children go off to school, you'll often find that there are certain skills that they'll need to master with accuracy and speed. ...

What would it be like for a boy to lose his grandmother suddenly? How can he continue to believe in her guidance when she is not here with him? This heartwarming story will appeal not just to children dealing with he concept of death, but to any reader who needs to be reminded, in an uplifting way, that none of us are truly alone. The title is a part of the mutli award winning Under The Tree Children's Book Series by Danielle Leibovici, LMFT

Brown Bear, Brown Bear These Brown Bear printables will give your preschooler hours of fun and exposure to early learning skills like ABCs, counting, early reading, shapes, colors and more! You can use each different printable in various ways as you choose the skills to expose your child to. Be creative and have fun!