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Gabby Marie

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Oatmeal soap balls ~ I love oatmeal skin treatments, can't wait to make some of these!

Make Me Some Soap...from Make Me Some Soap...

An easy technique for customizing your soap

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An easy technique for customizing your soap, this is awesome!

BrightNestfrom BrightNest

Make Your Own Soap in 4 Simple Steps & Tackle Soap Scum

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Easy Soap Roses - well, she makes it look easy - not sure it actually is :-D

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rose and chamomile bath bombs baking soda, water, incense, rose, and chamomile tea. let dry in a paper cup over night and VOUALA!!! your own DIY bath bombs(: I tried this last night and it worked!!!

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Vetyver soap by Shieh Design

Dabbles & Babblesfrom Dabbles & Babbles

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Natural Calendula Soap Recipe - a simple, basic soap recipe with only a few ingredients - easy to make and great for people with skin allergies or sensitivities.

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19 Mars12

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A tutorial for melt and pour lemon cake soap! These are so cute, and easy to make. Soap inspiration

The Frugal Farm Wifefrom The Frugal Farm Wife

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This baby lotion is so easy to make - only two ingredients! It's so light that I use it for my facial lotion as well as for the babies.

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Easy Lavender Soap Balls These soap balls are so simple to make; even the kids can help! They have a definite “rustic” look, which makes it easy to hide mistakes. Supplies needed: 1 Tablespoon dried lavender 1/3 cup water 2 large bars natural soap, grated Lavender essential oil, 5 drops Large bowl Small saucepan Method:

The Coupon Projectfrom The Coupon Project

Adventures in Homesteading: Easy Soapmaking

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Use Your Microwave to Make Handcrafted simple, I need to try this ASAP.

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Blackberry Vanilla Soap / Handmade Soap / Cold by JOANSGARDENS, $4.00

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Easy herbal soap tutorial

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How To Make Herbal Soap Without Lye. This how to make herbal soap recipe is so easy to make and you can even get your kids involved with this new DIY project...

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lavender soap balls & coconut oil hand cream