Quick and Easy Soap Balls

Eat Sleep Make: CRAFT: easy DIY Citrus and Herb Soaps

How to Make Soap Balls

soap ball tutorial. could also use this technique for making molded soaps

Homemade rose sugar scrub. Looks super easy!


Whether freshly scented or simply luxurious, these bath and spa ideas make lovely gifts for anyone.

I like to make homemade gifts. I like to keep them easy and simple to make too. That's why I love this recipe for Vanilla Coffee soap. It makes a great gift and is quick and easy to make too.

Vintage Soap Balls

While you can always run to the store and buy windshield washer fluid, isnt making your own a much better idea?

How to Make Olive Oil Soap Without Lye- easy!

THIS IS SO EASY< and so easy to adapt to ANY "flavor" you desire, you may want to go into the SOAP MAKING BUSINESS! Lea’s Easy All-Purpose NATURAL Soap Recipe.Full Tutorial.

Homemade Soap Recipe with Coconut and Citrus --- this looks amazing, and the instructions looks easy as pie!

great list of easy soaps to make at home.

Make Dozens Of DIY Soaps With This ONE Recipe | Natural Wellness Hub

Hot Process - Quick Cure Soap Recipes and Techniques. One is "Home Made Soap in Roasting Pan."


5 Easy Homemade Crockpot Soaps, Natural Recipes