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Great idea!!! Might have to try this. "Jewelry trees are awesome because you can make them yourself, and they turn your jewelry into everyday sculptural art! I recommend a found branch in your favorite vase with lots of rocks to hold it in place!"

Say I Love You® Couple Pillowcases

Jewelry Displays - DIY projects to Organize your Treasures

Pictures frames as jewelry drawers! Paint them all the same color, add a lining of your choice

Turquoise Hoop Earrings, Copper and Turquoise Handmade Jewelry

How would you describe this? Handmade Jewelry Turquoise Hoop Earrings, Copper and Turquoise Handmade… Ancient Roman Glass, Silver Tubes, Roman Glass Earring…

Earring Holder, Necklace Organizer, Cabinet Grade Semi-Gloss White Paint, Maple, Wood, 90-180 Pairs of Earrings, 7 Jewelry Necklace Display