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OMG so cute! Heart shaped nose kitty!: Kitty Cats, Animals, Sweet, Pet, Heartnose, Kittens, Heart Nose, Cat Lady

sheep in poppy field...i wish the flowers were blue....that would be so pretty!

Beautiful horse! Wonder if the pink mane is Photoshopped or they dyed it...

I think it's amazing that dogs make eye contact with humans. #eyecontact #dogs #love

Major Mitchell's cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) also known as Leadbeater's cockatoo or pink cockatoo -- Who's A Pretty Bird | 236 × 303

Russian Blue. These cats are amazing. They are lively, loving, and very much people cats. My old cat (Gyro) used to play fetch :)

seriously want a siamese kitten!! Or, jus a cute lil kitty!! Seriously Siamese Kitty!!

White Tigers. A wee story: every time that guy asks me what I want I say " a baby white siberian tiger." One day at a thrift store there was this beat up old photo of two white siberian tigers kissing and he bought it for me. For no reason. Its one of my most treasured pieces.

fucking love tigers

fucking love tigers

Badass facts about a tiger…

fucking love tigers